Gainey Ranch Community Memberships

Owners of residential property and all Gainey Ranch residents have full Estate Club membership rights. No initiation fees or membership dues are required in addition to the monthly payment of the assessments by each Gainey Ranch residential owner. However, owners who elect to use the tennis courts are charged a modest fee. This charge is collected on a pay-per-use basis; although many owners who frequently use the courts take advantage of discounted rates when paying on a monthly or annual basis.

  • Homeowner Tennis Fees for a family are $45 per month or $490 per year.

  • Homeowner Tennis Fees for a single person are $35 per month or $390 per year.

  • Single renters’ fees are $40 per month for fitness and family fees are $50 per month.  

  • Renters wishing to play tennis (includes fitness) will be charged $ 60 per month single or $95 per month family.  Short term renters pay for six months or term of lease, whichever is less.

A limited number of Estate Club memberships are available to non-residents of Gainey Ranch. These are called ‘Outside Memberships’.

Outside Member Fitness and Tennis Fees are collected either for a year or in six-month increments:

  • Single member is $ 600 for 6 months or $1120 per year.

  • Family fees are $850 for 6 months or $1600 per year.

For information, contact the Estate Club at 480-951-2879.