James Funk, Executive Director

Mr. Funk is the Executive Director for the upscale community of Gainey Ranch, located in Scottsdale, Arizona.  In that role, Mr. Funk oversees and provides executive leadership for the management of operations, long term budget, capital, and reserve planning.    Most recently Mr. Funk led Gainey Ranch to a capital improvement funding program that provided over $ 2,000,000 in improvements without an increase in homeowner monthly assessments.

With a focus to protect Community Associations, Mr. Funk is actively involved with the Arizona Legislature.  While representing Gainey Ranch and working with the Scottsdale City Council, Mr. Funk defeated a bid to designate the popular Doubletree Road into a truck route.

He pursues quality in all aspects of his work, and asks the same from all members of the organization.  Having worked for 30 years in the Resort Industry as a Director of Resort Operations in Beaver Creek, Colorado Mr. Funk brings a focus on quality in services and has a proven record of leadership at an executive level.

Born in Cheyenne Wyoming, and having traveled extensively as a part of a military family, Mr. Funk has an understanding of change and precision that can be achieved in all endeavors.   He attended the universities of Southwest Texas State and Metropolitan State University in Denver, CO where he earned a Bachelor of Science with an emphasis on chemistry.  Since that time Mr. Funk has achieved certifications in Community Association management and is a master pyro-technician, he has represented the United States and Japan in numerous fireworks displays competitions.

Mr. Funk has been with the Gainey Ranch Community Association since November 2008.

David Merrill, Controller

DavidMr. Merrill is the controller for Gainey Ranch Community Association.  As the controller, Mr. Merrill is responsible for supervision of financial matters for the GRCA and 19 Satellite Associations along with administrating the computer operations.  Financial responsibilities include preparation of all monthly financial reports, supervision of internal controls and accounting procedures, cash management, investment oversight, banking relations, coordination of annual audits, tax return preparation and administration of the corporate insurance program.

Mr. Merrill was born and raised here in Mesa, Arizona.  He attended Arizona State University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education with an emphasis on Mathematics.  Mr. Merrill taught math for several years before returning to ASU to earn another degree.  This second degree was a Bachelor of Science in Accounting.  Mr. Merrill is a CPA.

Mr. Merrill has been with Gainey Ranch Community Association since July of 2011.  Prior to joining Gainey Ranch, Mr. Merrill was the controller for MTF Management, a management company that managed companies in home health care, assisted living, and non-profit companies.  In his professional career as a CPA, Mr. Merrill has worked in public accounting and in private industry with a steel company.

Scott Williams, Director of Maintenance

Scott Williams is the Director of Maintenance for Gainey Ranch, located in Scottsdale Arizona.  In this role Mr. Williams oversees all landscape and building maintenance for GRCA and 18 Satellite communities, managing budgets, reserve commitments and capital improvement projects.

After a 11 year tenure in landscape maintenance and golf course management with the Del Webb Corporation and Pointe Resorts, Scott joined the Gainey Ranch Community Association in 1984.  Scott’s many years of service on Gainey Ranch has given him an extensive background and comprehensive knowledge of community association management.

Scott offers an open invitation to anyone who would like to visit the facility and would be glad to answer any question you may have regarding maintenance responsibilities.

Monika Goodwin, Administrator

Monika Goodwin is the Association Administrator for Gainey Ranch; in that role she oversees all Satellite Board meetings ensuring compliance with Arizona law.  Further Monika is the ombudsman for homeowners at Gainey Ranch, providing insight and advice on dealing with Association issues.

The Administrator is part juggler, part schmoozer, part mediator, part gopher, an educator as needed and, most importantly, a good listener.  Monika answers questions about alarm systems; sets up annual meetings; edits the Gainey Gazette; coordinates board activities; orchestrates documentation required by lenders and title companies; and assists Sheila, as needed, to accommodate requests from homeowners and their guests.

Monika was born in Germany, raised in Michigan and toured the world with the US Army.  After living in Italy, Taiwan and Okinawa, she settled near Ft. Sill, Oklahoma and was quickly seduced by the world of real estate.  While the vagaries of buyers and sellers did not appeal to her, teaching subjects such as financing and fundamentals of contracts to new agents did.  Eventually she became a pre-licensing teacher.  She also worked at an appraisal practice and became a licensed appraiser.

Ms. Goodwin has been with Gainey Ranch since March, 1997.


Mike Anderson, Gainey Ranch Director of Security  


Mike Anderson is the Director of Security for Gainey Ranch Community Association. In this role, he oversees all security personnel and all security-related procedures to insure that your security department is providing the community with first-rate service.

Mike has been with GRCA since 2011. Before joining the staff at GRCA, he was in the private sector of security. Mike held the position of Vice President of Operations with one of the fastest-growing security companies in Arizona. Prior to his security profession, he worked in the aero space industry as Program Administrator working directly with Boeing Aero Space.

Mike was raised here in Arizona. Away from the Ranch, he enjoys various activities including coaching high school football, basketball, and baseball. Mike also likes traveling to different vacation spots whenever possible to enjoy the cool climates and beaches (like San Diego) with his family.

Mike enjoys interacting with the residents here at Gainey, and looks forward to meeting each and every one in the near future. Mike has an open door policy so, please stop by or call him at the security office.  480-596-0125

 Architectural Coordinator



Heather Anderson, Maintenance Administrative Assistant

Prior to being at Gainey Ranch, Heather worked as Advertising Director for the Los Angeles Times newspaper in beautiful downtown Los Angeles, California for 18 years.  Heather was born in San Gabriel, California, grew up in Simi Valley, California.  Heather moved to Phoenix Arizona in 2011.  When she is not at work, Heather enjoys spending time with her family going to different weekend destinations, such as Prescott, Sedona and Jerome.  She enjoys sporting events, watching movies and shopping.


Arlene Thomas, GRCA Administrative Assistant

In her role as Administrative Assistant for Gainey Ranch in Scottsdale, Arizona, Arlene is the first point of contact in the administration office.  Arlene provides a variety of services, including new homeowner orientations; issuing and maintaining access devices; distributing open house information; keeping lease information up to date; assisting with the website; ordering supplies; answering the phones, and greeting homeowners and visitors with a warm smile. Arlene was born and raised in Virginia and has just moved to Arizona.