Gainey Ranch – A Master Planned Community in Scottsdale, Arizona

Gainey Ranch community consists of approximately 2,500 residents among 1,035 residential units – 545 of which are condominiums and 490 are single family homes. Gainey Ranch also features 348 commercial units, made up of a number of office buildings, The Shops at Gainey Ranch, the Gainey Ranch Golf Club and of course, the well-known Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Gainey Ranch. Homeowners can also enjoy a variety of amenities at the Estate Club, including swimming, state-of-the-art fitness equipment, special live music events, seven championship tennis courts, golf and fully staffed and gated security 24/7.

When planning Gainey Ranch, Markland had a specific vision as to the kind of place they wanted it to become. Markland wanted it to be like a small town; like those that exist all across America, where many of us retain deep roots and fond enduring memories. Gainey Ranch was built to be a small town with a growing and increasingly non-stressful urban environment, a place of refuge from life’s daily cares, a place where we can enjoy our lives to the fullest and a place we can call home.

This place, which once was just a dream, now exists as Gainey Ranch and continues to thrive.          


  • RESIDENTIAL DEVELOPMENT  – 264 acres of the 560 acres (less than 50%) were designated for residential development. (Click on Community Profile for a breakdown of the residential subdivisions)

  • GOLF COURSE To maximize the golf course frontage for residential development, a course was built that created three very unique nine-hole courses. This massive transformation changed flat, semi-arid land into the finished project by moving three million yards of dirt. The beautiful clubhouse with its extensive landscaping further reflects Gainey Ranch’s commitment to quality.

  • TOWN CENTER This was visualized as an opportunity to create a nostalgic concept of ‘Small Town USA’ with its convenience and charm combined with the luxury of a prestigious resort community. However, the development of nearby competitive commercial properties (caused by a change in the City of Scottsdale’s zoning concept relating to commercial properties) changed the envisioned Town Center mix by reducing the perceived shops, restaurants and other retail facilities. The built-out Town Center area consists of 720,000 square feet of office buildings providing professional services, 30,000 square feet of retail facilities and 72 luxury condominiums.

  • RESORT HOTELTo provide support for the golf course’s and Town Center’s businesses, a 30-acre luxury resort hotel parcel was included. To fulfill its objective of creating a ‘crown jewel’ of Gainey Ranch and a resort destination, Markland sold this parcel to the Hyatt Hotels, which attract affluent guests from all over the world.

  • FINANCIAL CENTERDesigned to offer financial and other professional office services, the development of this property produced two banking facilities and two other large and uniquely beautiful office buildings totaling 400,000 square feet.

  • WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT  Markland dedicated property to build a plant to process wastewater to the point where, although not suitable as drinking water, the effluent water could be used for irrigation of the proposed golf course and Gainey Ranch common areas. After its construction, the plant was turned over to the City of Scottsdale to own and operate.

  • DANIEL C GAINEY CLUB  – Daniel C. Gainey’s working ranch house, constructed in 1955, was earmarked to serve as an important Gainey Ranch amenity. The ranch house was enhanced and refurbished to become the community tennis and social club.